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Amazing Missions

Helping to Empower Haitian Families

Recently met a gal with amazing heart for people and a part of an awesome mission. Meeting Amy (Bel Koz Ayiti) created a spark in me and a new product line was born.

Purchasing RachelElizabethVintage items with these charms, that are hand stamped by Haitian artisans in Port-au-Prince we are helping others in the following ways:

*Job Creation*

Create jobs and allow parents to provide for their children. This also keeps children out of the orphanages. In Haiti, the majority of the children living in orphanages are not true orphans.These children have living parents,

they just are just unable to provide.

Job creation is key!

Breath of Life provides Midwifery care to pregnant mothers in Desarmes, Haiti. (Prenatal visits, delivery, postnatal, and newborn care) The woman that go through Breath of Life classes will learn all about their growing baby.They will also receive information on nutrition, hygiene, preparing for labor, signs of labor, breast-feeding, newborn care and more. A one time sponsorship of $80 covers all of that.

Now that is just amazing!!!

Breath of Life Haiti is also in the beginning stage of building a birthing center! Plans are drawn and exciting things are going to be happening in Desarmes! Lives are truly going to be changed.

For more information about this amazing mission go to

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